Phil Bowler

Extraordinary Caricature Likeness
in just 5 minutes


Phil Bowler

A Professional Live Caricature Expert

Hi, I’m Phil, an Expert  Live Caricature Artist Based In Melbourne

Hire me for TRADE SHOWS, WEDDINGS, PARTIES, FUNCTIONS and any type of EVENT really!! PREMIUM Live Caricature Entertainment!

Live Traditional Caricatures

FAST, FUNNY, LIVELY and FLATTERING caricatures for a large number of guests at your next party using traditional paper and markers!

Live Digital Caricatures

STATE OF THE ART live DIGITAL CARICATURES for trade shows, events and functions. Shared instantly via AirDrop, e-mail and social media!

Digital Caricatures From Photos

A DIGITAL CARICATURE is perfect for your other half, best friend, relative or work colleague!

What is a Caricature?

A caricature is essentially a portrait which exaggerates the key features of a person in a way that creates humour and maintains the person’s recognisability.

When you look at a completed caricature, you need to be able to say “THAT’S HIM!” or “THAT’S HER!”. This reaction may be brought about by recognising the person’s eyes, hair, chin, nose, mouth, ears or any distinct feature which makes that person unique.

Creating a good likeness in a caricature is the best way in which to achieve recognisability. This is done by capturing the person’s expression which mainly involves the eyes and mouth working in tandem together (the other facial features follow on from this to form the complete picture).

Some people have small squinty eyes and a big smile, others have larger droopy eyes with an over bite or buck teeth. This is the primary reason all good caricature artists will always ask their subjects to smile. It creates their signature EXPRESSION!

Once the likeness is present along with a certain degree of exaggeration, you should be able to recognise the person being drawn. And that, is what a caricature is fundamentally about.

So the next time you hear someone say, “A caricature is ONLY supposed to be funny, it’s not supposed to look like you”, DON’T BELIEVE IT!

Cheers, Phil.

Amazing effort - thank you so much! I think you've done a brilliant job, and have no doubt the groups are going to love your caricatures when we reveal them this morning. I love that you characterised a group member in each! Thanks again for meeting our super tight deadline and working so late to complete these. We really appreciate it and know that they will be both helpful and memorable to the workshop attendees.

Britt Hennessy - Toyota

Thanks Phil, you were amazing! You were such a huge hit and everyone loved your caricatures. Thanks for working non stop for the 4 hours. Our employees certainly appreciated that which meant so many were able to get a caricature from you!

Kathryn Bourke - Chobani

Thanks Phil - I just wanted to thank you again for coming in today. We had a great time and all the pictures are terrific! Thanks for taking time and care with the artwork.

Shani Cossins - Skills Training Australia

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