Gift Caricatures From Photos

Send a photo of you or a friend to me and receive your caricature in the mail or as a digital file! They are a great gift idea for birthdays, Christmas, retirements, weddings, anniversaries and any occasion really! All caricatures are hand drawn using a digital device and hard copies provided on professional quality gloss or sem-gloss photographic paper. Please note the following information when ordering a caricature from a photo:

  • I need 2 – 3 clear photos of the subject to gain a better overall picture and understanding of the features to be drawn. A smiley photo is preferable. A full body photo is also helpful. See photo ‘guidelines’ below:

  • A preliminary sketch will be emailed through for approval before any colouring or shading commences. Additions can always be made to the drawing, it’s just a matter of communicating these via return email.
  • Photos take anywhere from 1 week to 1 month to complete depending on how many you have ordered and my current work commitments.
  • Please indicate the person’s hobby, sport, profession or particular theme you would like me to include in the drawing. Or if you prefer head and shoulders only, let me know.
  • PLEASE NOTE: As with all caricatures, there has to be a certain amount of exaggeration which relies on the artist’s unique interpretation. Therefore, as the artist I cannot change any part of a person’s face upon the request of the customer if I feel it will compromise the likeness and overall artistic integrity of the caricature. If you are unhappy because you would like a smaller nose or chin, or maybe a thinner face, then you are entitled to cancel your order after the preliminary sketch without charge. 


I offer the following options in colour only:

Head and Shoulders  – $110 per person (includes GST)

Full Body (including hobby, sport, profession) – $220 per person (includes GST)

**Objects such as cars, planes, buildings etc. may incur an additional cost, please enquire**

**Group Caricatures – prices upon application**

**All prices quoted include GST, postage, hard and digital copies**

**Hard copies are available in A4, A3 or A2 size**




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