Expert LIVE and GIFT CARICATURES with Exceptional Likeness!!

If you have come this far then I trust you are interested in the services I provide. Below is a summary of what I can offer you:

  • Quick, funny and accurate live caricatures with great likeness and recognisability using a confident, clean style.
  • Did I mention they are also flattering and will not make you look ugly?
  • Excellent customer service and interaction with your guests. I will chat to your guests and make them feel at ease at all times. This way I am also able to capture a little more of their personality which is an essential ingredient of any caricature.
  • You can hire me for any type of event from parties, to corporate functions, weddings and even trade shows.
  • Be aware that once I start drawing, your guests will not want to let me go home!
  • Guaranteed laughs and entertainment.
  • Your guests will cherish their caricature for years to come as they provide a fantastic memento making your event extra special.
  • I can draw a face in around 5 mins and I’m able to roam around the venue or remain in a fixed location providing the customer with maximum value for money!
  • When drawing traditional caricatures, I use high quality artist materials (permanent markers, pastels and oil based charcoal sticks) along with paper in various sizes to suit your particular event. I receive many requests for couple and group caricatures which I can always accommodate (see the pics below).
  • Caricatures can also be created digitally using an ipad pro and shared instantly via e-mail, air drop and social media, or printed out on the spot.
  • I also do awesome gift caricatures from photos too. See the ‘Gift Caricatures from Photos’ section below.
  • All live caricatures are generally head and shoulders onlyA person’s hobby can be incorporated into the drawing upon request, this does however take a little longer to complete.
  • I can customise your caricatures with a company logo or message if you wish. Please enquire at the time of booking.
  • I always arrive early and I’m well presented and professional in every aspect!
  • Finally, if you need more than 1 artist for your extra large event, no problem! I work with a number of caricature artists and can organise this for you too.

Live Traditional Caricatures

These caricatures are suitable for parties and events with a large number of guests that need to be drawn. It typically takes 5 minutes to complete a quick black and white sketch providing everyone with great laughter and entertainment. I can roam around the venue, break the ice and entertain your guests, or if you prefer I can remain in a fixed position and let people come to me.

Live Digital Caricatures

These caricatures are drawn on an IPAD PRO with the ability to project onto a TV SCREEN IN FULL COLOUR. They are perfect for exhibitions and trade shows as they will:

DRAW ATTENTION TO YOUR BOOTH as people gather around the large screen to watch the caricature being created.

PROVIDE THE ULTIMATE GIVEAWAY in the form of a 4 x 6 inch photo print out of their caricature with YOUR COMPANY NAME and LOGO on it which can be placed in a plastic pocket with a lanyard attached!

SPREAD YOUR COMPANY BRAND as people start to share their digital caricatures via social media.

ENABLE YOU TO PROMOTE YOUR PRODUCT to each person being drawn and the crowd that has formed.

DRIVE TRAFFIC BACK TO YOUR WEBSITE by enabling the digital caricatures to be downloaded via a weblink to your page. Or you can email the caricatures to each customer as a follow up after the event.

So basically, the way it works is I set up next to your booth at a trade show or exhibition and offer free digital caricatures to the attendees. As I start drawing and projecting the image onto a TV screen, a crowd will start to form (and most likely a queue for the rest of the day). At this point you need to chat to the crowd and promote your products and services while the people are still around. Once I finish a drawing, the person will receive a 4 x 6 inch print out with YOUR COMPANY DETAILS on it which they can place in their plastic pocket (with lanyard attached). Each image will also contain a link to YOUR WEBSITE where the image can be downloaded. In addition, people at the event will start to share their caricature (and your company name) via social media to a world of potential customers.

All this aside, digital caricatures are also suitable for weddings (as an alternative to a photo booth), corporate events, bar mitzvahs, or any occasion that requires a splash of colour and a 4 x 6 inch print out. Alternatively, the drawings can be air dropped, emailed or shared on social media instantly with the guests avoiding them having to carry around a piece of paper.

Gift Caricatures From Photos

Send a photo of you or a friend to me and receive your caricature in the mail or as a digital file! They are a great gift idea for birthdays, Christmas, retirements, weddings, anniversaries and any occasion really! Please note the following information when ordering a caricature from a photo:

  1. I need 2 – 3 clear photos of the subject to gain a better overall picture and understanding of the features to be drawn. A smiley photo is preferable. A full body photo is also helpful.
  2. A preliminary sketch will be emailed through for approval before any colouring or shading commences. Changes can always be made during the process, it’s just a matter of keeping the lines of communication open.
  3. Photos take anywhere from 1 week to 1 month to complete depending on how many you have ordered and my current work commitments.
  4. Please indicate the person’s hobby, sport, profession or particular theme you would like me to include in the drawing. Or if you prefer head and shoulders only, let me know.


Traditional Caricatures with a hard copy provided (using markers, charcoal and coloured art stix)






Digital Caricatures with a high resolution file and hard copy provided (hand drawn and rendered on an ipad pro)






Hard copy sizes include A4, A3 and A2. Traditional caricatures are done on 250 gsm drawing paper and digital caricatures printed on 250 – 310 gsm professional photo paper.

**All prices quoted include postage within Australia**



LIVE CARICATURE ARTIST FOR HIRE IN MELBOURNE – Weddings, Parties, Corporate Functions, Trade Shows, Tertiary Events, Private Functions, Conferences, Christmas Parties, Birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs.

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